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From Dreaming to Becoming Hardcover – March 6, 2013




Are you living your best life? How would you want to live the life of your dreams for the rest of your life? Everyone dreams of becoming successful or achieving something significant in life. Our greatest challenge is taking our dreams from thoughts and wishes and making them realities. This process can be frustrating and difficult to know where to start. This must-have book offers ten unique and essential yet practical principles guaranteed to help you pursue your dreams with great passion and live the life of your dreams without limits.
* Discover your purpose and how to maximize your potential.
* Learn the secrets ordinary people take to get extraordinary results.
* Develop a winning attitude to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.
* Rekindle your passion and hope for accomplishing your dreams.
* Learn how to overcome your fears and take control of your life right here, right now.
* Create a dream action plan and start pursuing your dream with accurate precision.


Success in 3D: Three Laws of Success Paperback – December 31, 2019

Success in 3D is the result of over 25 years of personal development and leadership experience. My passion is to see people of all groups, win in life. Over the years, I have been intentionally committed to my personal growth. I have invested thousands of dollars toward the development of my personal life and leadership skills. I believe the Creator designed us to maximize our potential in the spiritual, mental and physical realms, of our lives.We are to be holistic in our growth and development. I have experienced great results, through the application of God’s laws and principles, which govern life, on our planet. I hope you will become as passionate as I am, about growing and winning in life. Success in 3D covers three incredible laws, which I feel are key to personal achievement. A law is a statement of fact, deduced from observation to the effect that a particular natural or scientific phenomenon always occurs if certain conditions are present.Over the years, I have observed and studied the laws of Desire, Discovery, and Discipline and have found them to be integral to the achievements of mankind; without respect of person, race or religion. I truly believe these attributes are essential to success in life. Therefore, I have chosen to call them laws in this writing. Now, for the record, this treatment is, by no means, an exhaustive study of these laws. Neither was it intended to be an exegete on an exclusively biblical basis or any passage of scripture, from the ancient text. Rather, my intentions are for it to serve as a catalyst for spurring thought. It is written to challenge the mind and to encourage the reader to study how things work. It is meant to stimulate curiosity in the seeker’s heart, toward discovering truth.I would like to encourage you, as you begin reading this book, to prepare your heart and set your intention for maximum benefit. Take good notes and use a highlighter. Remember, repetition is the mother of learning. You will not get all you can, from the first reading. Activate the law of repetition by reviewing this book and your notes often. Over the years, I have committed myself to the practice of repetition and have reaped the benefits. Now, activate your mind and heart with the intention of ascending to a higher level.

A Healthy Relationship Perspective: Build the Relationship That Lasts a Lifetime Hardcover – December 20, 2020

Making a relationship connection occurs daily. It is a universal phenomenon that is part of the human experience, and it happens to people of all ethnicities and backgrounds. Nonetheless, not all relationships are founded on a healthy perspective. The greatest threat to relationship or marital longevity is not the lack of love, but the lack of a healthy relationship perspective. Your mindset will determine your approach to a relationship and will regulate its success or failure. Finding true love remains a dream most people hope to experience someday. Being in a love relationship is easy, especially in the beginning. The challenge is finding the right person who fits perfectly in your life and understands you. This challenge facing many relationships can be overcome starting with a change of one's perspective about relationships on personal level. Nate Imoniruwe provides practical wisdom and insight, coupled with experiential and biblical principles to help you understand how to build a meaningful and healthy relationship. He also helps guide you down the right relationship path with purpose and proper perspective in mind.

A More Excellent Way To Cover Your Leader in Prayer: Prayer and Intercession for your Leader Paperback – July 25, 2019

I genuinely honor every spiritual leader that has ever cultivated or imparted in life I count it a blessing, just like the secret service guards our president in the natural, so should we guard our spiritual leaders in the realm of the spirit.Over the years, the Lord has really blessed me with some remarkable leaders in my life. These leaders have prayed, edified, corrected, covered me, and sown into me. By pouring into me, they have helped me see and understood the direction God was taking me. I am overwhelmed and truly grateful for every one of these leaders. Through their wisdom and counsel, my eyes have been opened to the true value of a leader. God places leaders in your life to help undergird and direct you spiritually. The excellent leaders in my life have edified me with their love and wisdom. I truly value all the love and time they have spent sowing into my life as I was being developed. God has indeed given me a passion and heart for leaders. My cry is for Zion to arise and in intercession in a more excellent way, we have a record number of pastors are fainting and quitting the ministry because they do not have the support that they need to endure. Many have committed suicide and left their families’ alone. It has always been the tactic of the enemy to attack the head first. If we do not pick up a burden to cover them, it makes this warfare even more intense because they are going through it alone while trying to lead. We must learn how to pray for their mental health, emotions, finances, and families. When you are faithful over another man’s work God will give you work. Let us take the time to truly cover and love our leaders. You have been called to them for this very reason. This book Covering your Leader in a More Excellent Way will empower you to be a more effective intercessor for your leaders to stand in the strength, power, and authority that God has called them to advance the kingdom. The heart of this book is to reveal a more excellent way to cover your leaders in prayer and intercession, so they don’t burn out, die prematurely, give up, become emotionally overwhelmed or seduced by the cares of life. My heartfelt cry is for the Body of Christ to mature and stand with our leaders with the revelation that every joint supply and advance the Kingdom of God unified, till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ, but speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in all aspects into Him who is the head, even Christ. Ephesians 4:13-15Let’s make sure our heart is right concerning our leaders, with the right intentions of the will of God to be done through them. Protect your leader be truthful, humble, supportive, honor them, be trustworthy, loyal, be committed and love them and they will be able to receive from you.

A Prayer For Today & Someone Along The Way!: A Journal of Prayers, Worship & Praise Songs, and Spirit-filled Declarations Paperback – May 1, 2021


Until the Lion Speaks Paperback – February 15, 2021

The tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter until the lion speaks is an African proverb. The premise of the proverb explains how people will glorify a story or create a narrative about someone that isnt necessarily accurate or even make themselves look good. This is done only to create an attitude within people toward other people that they want to paint a negative point of view of.


This book was written to complicate the narrative of the story that sensationalized the confrontation of Ben Wilson and Billy Moore. Billy not only addressed just the confrontation on that unfortunate day but also set out to outline his pedigree, his upbringing, his experience in prison, and the work he had been doing since his release.


Until the Lion Speaks tells of the social landscape that defined Chicago in the eighties. Anyone who reads this book from Chicago growing up at that time will feel Chicago in every line. In fact, Billy Moore has made the city of Chicago as a separate character in Until the Lion Speaks! This is a comeback story, a story of redemption and reconciliation. Hopefully, the lessons that can be learned from Until the Lion Speaks will help young men develop the emotional skills to successfully get past those moments. When confronted with unfortunate circumstances, the lessons in this book can help them make better decisions so they can walk away to hopefully live their best lives!