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ALERT! Bloodline curses are REAL! For those who doubt the possibilities of bloodline family curses; just take a thorough look at your life and members of your family. Sinful habits or beliefs (generally that derive from worshipping idols) that negatively affects our lives and those around us, are known as a generational curses. Behaviors are passed down through the generations of families from those who did not know God. The cure for these sinful deadly habits that lead to generational addictions, divorce, ungodly sexual relations, generational poverty, lack of education, gender issues, many forms of sickness and decease including mental and physiological imbalances. But, God through His Son has given us the mercy, grace, power and authority to BREAK EVERY CURSE. We have to take responsibility to help free the generation that are in front of us. "You (they) shall know the truth and the truth shall make you (them) FREE" Come one come all and receive deliverance for yourself and those you love.
So that we can live a life of: Purpose, Power and Progression

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  • We Were So Proud to be included in the Cross Crusade with Christ Family Life Center Church. Here is our Part of this exciting Crusade.https://youtu.be/WQwNcs5Rbt8

  • 9348130688?profile=RESIZE_930xAt America's Only Full Time Christian Dinner Theatre

  • Last Weekend of our Award Winning Production of "The Passenger" CALL 405-793-7779 All Tickets Include Dinner And Show.. Great For Sunday School Classes or Church Groups...:) CALL NOW!9333662889?profile=RESIZE_930x

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  • So Excited about being apart of the Cross Crusade Revival... To God Be the Glory!9315706069?profile=RESIZE_930x

  •  My breath, my life, my heartbeat is YOU. The essence of all that I am has your signature, your imprint. How could I doubt? How could I question? How could I wonder? Because I am flawed. I was birthed into a marred, tainted and frail shell. The freeing revelation is this - it's a shell. An outer covering that was meant to be shed, to be stripped and replaced. No! not replaced. I (we) weren't CREATED to be covered. Open, free, unencumbered was how I (we) were created...YOUR breath, YOUR life. YOUR heart was meant to be seen by others through me. Vulnerability in this world tends to lead to hurt which in turn causes us to cover up, to protect or hide. We were never meant to protect ourselves. YOU are our Protector, our Comfort, our Strength. You ARE what I (we) NEED...In YOU alone I am complete. <3

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    I cordially invite you and your church to The Cross Crusade Revival themed “If My People” being held on Tues July 27th thru Saturday July 31st at Christ Family Life Center Church.

    The Lord is saying that His people need to be revived and reinvigorated so they can move forward together in their lives on the right tracks set by our lord.

    The winds of revival will pick up momentum and spread through the souls of the ones who want to reach out for God. We will cross beyond cultural, ethnic, and denominational boundaries and try to reach to all the people.

    The Holy Spirit has assembled an array of anointed speakers to share the message of the cross with power..

    Looking forward to see you all there.


    Pastor Larry Fisher

    Tuesday July 27th 7:00pm Roundtable Discussion on The Cross (Remote streamed LIVE on Youtube , Facebook, Myfaithspaces and Christ Family Network

    Wednesday July 28th 7:30pm Apostles Timothy and Jennifer Vanover from Oklahoma (Remolt  (Remote streamed LIVE on Youtube , Facebook, Myfaithspaces and Christ Family Network

    Thursday July 29th 7:30pm Pastor Diedre Williams and The Rock Church Chicago at Christ Family Life Center Church 6827 S South Chicago Ave

    Friday July 30th 7:30pm Apostle Lorenzo Irving and The Life C enter of Deliverance Church at Christ Family Life Center Church 6827 S South Chicago Ave

    Saturday July 31st 11:00am Closeout w/Pastor Brenda Irving, Prophet Renee Jacob, Prophet Tanzy Cullar, Pastor Tamora Hughes and Pastor Larry Fisher. at Christ Family Life Center Church 6827 S South Chicago Ave



  • https://youtu.be/27V9p9HxQDY

    Christ Family Life Center Church.
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What is Faith Spaces?

Faith Spaces is a community of people of Faith; who recognizes Jesus as the Son of God and as Savior of the world. Faith Spaces invites everyone who is respectful to the mission; which is to share our Faith with one another and the world. This is done in a variety of ways which include but not limited to, family,  ministry, community, business, entrepreneurial, education, health and discipleship. This list is expected to grow as you; the participants join and create your own personal Faith Spaces. So go ahead and create your own personal Faith Space and start sharing TODAY!


Everything we experience; the good and the bad, the blessed and the cursed, has at the root a DECISION". Decisions determine outcomes. The decisions we make determine our reality. They directly impact how we spend our time and what information we process (or ignore). Our decisions shape our relationships The relationship that is impacted the most due to poor decisions is our relationship with God. What we fail to realize as believers is that; our decision making process is what God is most concerned with.
Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.
Unfortunately we as believers fail to follow the scriptures as often as we should because of the human experience that we know better than that of the spiritual experience. This makes us 'Subjective" in our decision making habits; and it's the thing that God is wanting us to be delivered from. Many scriptures support this concept.
This month of January I'll be ministering from the subject; "Confronting The Subjective Self" and how it works and prevents Healing, Deliverance, Peace, Joy, Faith and Victory.
This series is needed especially for school aged individuals; because the education system is promoting 'Subjectivity" encouraging them to be what they want to be be based on how they feel.
let's pray that God gives them an ear to hear!

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"Father, I thank You for securing a home for me in heaven. Each day, the sun rises and its light and warmth give me a foretaste of the eternity to come. Make the light of this life a signpost for me, so that I may walk in Your light with my eyes on…"
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"Cross Life School was amazing today!"
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"So often we get so caught up with SELF. With what WE’VE got going on that we fail to SEE others. I was listening to a Podcast today, 'Adventures in the Great Commission', you can find it on Spotify, YouTube or wherever you listen/watch your podcast.…"
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"What a blessing to be a part of what our God is
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This book seeks to turn our focus back to the place of man’s separation from God; thus helping to remind us how separation from God can happen so easily. Because we are inundated with so many decisions daily, it is important to measure accurately what God has said as opposed to what we desire for ourselves. Graciously, God provided a way for us to be reconciled to Him if we find ourselves not in His grace…1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.