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What is Faith Spaces?

Faith Spaces is a community of people of Faith; who recognizes Jesus as the Son of God and as Savior of the world. Faith Spaces invites everyone who is respectful to the mission; which is to share our Faith with one another and the world. This is done in a variety of ways which include but not limited to, family,  ministry, community, business, entrepreneurial, education, health and discipleship. This list is expected to grow as you; the participants join and create your own personal Faith Spaces. So go ahead and create your own personal Faith Space and start sharing TODAY!

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  • Last Weekend of our Award Winning Production of "The Passenger" CALL 405-793-7779 All Tickets Include Dinner And Show.. Great For Sunday School Classes or Church Groups...:) CALL NOW!9333662889?profile=RESIZE_930x

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  • So Excited about being apart of the Cross Crusade Revival... To God Be the Glory!9315706069?profile=RESIZE_930x

  •  My breath, my life, my heartbeat is YOU. The essence of all that I am has your signature, your imprint. How could I doubt? How could I question? How could I wonder? Because I am flawed. I was birthed into a marred, tainted and frail shell. The freeing revelation is this - it's a shell. An outer covering that was meant to be shed, to be stripped and replaced. No! not replaced. I (we) weren't CREATED to be covered. Open, free, unencumbered was how I (we) were created...YOUR breath, YOUR life. YOUR heart was meant to be seen by others through me. Vulnerability in this world tends to lead to hurt which in turn causes us to cover up, to protect or hide. We were never meant to protect ourselves. YOU are our Protector, our Comfort, our Strength. You ARE what I (we) NEED...In YOU alone I am complete. <3

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    I cordially invite you and your church to The Cross Crusade Revival themed “If My People” being held on Tues July 27th thru Saturday July 31st at Christ Family Life Center Church.

    The Lord is saying that His people need to be revived and reinvigorated so they can move forward together in their lives on the right tracks set by our lord.

    The winds of revival will pick up momentum and spread through the souls of the ones who want to reach out for God. We will cross beyond cultural, ethnic, and denominational boundaries and try to reach to all the people.

    The Holy Spirit has assembled an array of anointed speakers to share the message of the cross with power..

    Looking forward to see you all there.


    Pastor Larry Fisher

    Tuesday July 27th 7:00pm Roundtable Discussion on The Cross (Remote streamed LIVE on Youtube , Facebook, Myfaithspaces and Christ Family Network

    Wednesday July 28th 7:30pm Apostles Timothy and Jennifer Vanover from Oklahoma (Remolt  (Remote streamed LIVE on Youtube , Facebook, Myfaithspaces and Christ Family Network

    Thursday July 29th 7:30pm Pastor Diedre Williams and The Rock Church Chicago at Christ Family Life Center Church 6827 S South Chicago Ave

    Friday July 30th 7:30pm Apostle Lorenzo Irving and The Life C enter of Deliverance Church at Christ Family Life Center Church 6827 S South Chicago Ave

    Saturday July 31st 11:00am Closeout w/Pastor Brenda Irving, Prophet Renee Jacob, Prophet Tanzy Cullar, Pastor Tamora Hughes and Pastor Larry Fisher. at Christ Family Life Center Church 6827 S South Chicago Ave



  • https://youtu.be/27V9p9HxQDY

    Christ Family Life Center Church.
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  • “Knowing yourself is a lifelong adventure, yet only when you are honest with yourself will you truly be honest with others. It's easy to look around making judgements about others. We have to learn to look at ourselves daily and make honest judgements about who we are and what we need to change, what we need to keep. Self examination is not always fun but necessary. I pray you have a wonderful day learning more about


  • https://youtu.be/umKUcWFgri0

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Larry Fisher left a comment on
Suzanne Hardgraves left a comment on
"We are that Roaring Ensign.. Praise God!!! Thank you Chief Apostle for you Obedience in delivering that message. So powerful.. 🔥 🔥  Great Program tonight.  "
Nov 15
Suzanne Hardgraves left a comment on
"GLORY 🔥  So ready for Service tonight. Looking to Worshipping the Lord with myRFC Tribe 🙌🙌"
Nov 10
Tina Johnson left a comment on
"I'm Super Excited to Be in the Presence of God w/ RFC TRIBE!! "
Nov 10
Karen Ray left a comment on
"The true word of God just permeates from RFC!"
Nov 10
Apostle Timothy Vanover left a comment on
Nov 10
Apostle Timothy Vanover left a comment on
"TRIBE get READY to ROAR tonight At Service! Let the TRIBE ASSEMBLE!
Nov 10
Apostle Timothy Vanover left a comment on
Nov 10
Suzanne Hardgraves updated their profile photo
Nov 10
Suzanne Hardgraves left a comment on
"Good Morning RFC Tribe!!! I can't wait for service tonight... I LOVE  WORD WEDNESDAY!! I love guys, I pray each of you has a blessed day today. Remember to Proclaim and Walk in your spiritual hertiage today and everyday.. See you all tonight at The…"
Nov 10
Suzanne Hardgraves left a comment on
"Praise God!!!! I love this!! 🙌🔥🙌"
Nov 10
Kim M Johnson left a comment on
"Excited for what the Lord has for me today! Especially this evening cause it is Word Wednesday at The Club!"
Nov 10
Jacqueline Underwood left a comment on
"Love this!"
Nov 10
Shannon Crandall left a comment on
"Amen!!! Cannot find the father without a relationship. "
Nov 9
Apostle Timothy Vanover left a comment on
"Love Our RFC TRIBE!! If your one here be looking for a powerful service on Wednesday night.. The Lord will be in the House...:)"
Nov 9
Apostle Timothy Vanover left a comment on
Nov 9

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