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Community Time Line

I, [Your Name], hereby declare my unwavering commitment to achieving spiritual strength, maintaining a strong family bond, nurturing my relationship with my church community, and upholding my commitments throughout the year 2024. I recognize the importance of these aspects in my life and acknowledge that by dedicating myself to them, I can find greater purpose, peace, and fulfillment.

Spiritual Strength: In 2024, I commit to deepening my spiritual connection, seeking inner peace, and exploring my faith with an open heart. I will prioritize daily meditation, prayer, and self-reflection to nourish my spiritual well-being. By doing so, I hope to find clarity, resilience, and a sense of purpose in all aspects of my life.

Family Strength: I understand that my family is my source of love, support, and strength. In 2024, I vow to invest quality time with my family members, to listen to their needs, and to foster an environment of love, trust, and communication. I will prioritize family dinners, game nights, and heartfelt conversations to ensure our bonds grow stronger with each passing day.

Church Commitment: My church community is a cornerstone of my spiritual journey. I commit to actively participating in church activities, attending worship services, and engaging in outreach programs that help those in need. I will contribute my time and talents to support the growth and well-being of my church community, building deeper connections with fellow members.

Commitment Strong: To stay committed to my goals in 2024, I will maintain a clear sense of purpose and discipline. I will set achievable, specific goals for my spiritual growth, family life, and church involvement. I will track my progress regularly and adjust my plans as needed to stay on course. I will also seek guidance and support from mentors, friends, and my church community when facing challenges.

By declaring my commitment to spiritual strength, family unity, church involvement, and unwavering commitment in 2024, I embark on a transformative journey. I understand that challenges may arise, but with faith, determination, and a loving heart, I believe I can achieve the spiritual, familial, and community growth that I seek. May this declaration serve as a reminder of my dedication to these values and goals throughout the year.


There was a famine of the word of God; the Lords prophets were slain. Honoring and preserving true prophets ensures the continued transmission of their messages.True prophets reveal to us the heart of God.

Granger Smith feels 'relief' leaving country music to 'serve' God: 'I need to completely surrender'

The country music star, whose son River died in 2019, has written a memoir titled 'Like a River: Finding the Faith and Strength to Move Forward After Loss and Heartache


Granger Smith is walking away from his successful country music career – and he's relieved.

Earlier this month, the singer/songwriter took to his social media pages and announced that his upcoming "Like a River" tour, named after his son, would be his last. The 43-year-old is gearing up to devote his life to ministry at his local church outside of Austin, Texas. His final show is on Aug. 26.

"I have a huge feeling of relief now that … I’ve been able to tell the world exactly what my intentions are and what I’m going to do," the "Happens Like That" artist told Fox News Digital. "For the last few years, a handful of people had known that [I was] probably leaving country music. [And] it’s difficult to get on stage in different environments, in different cities and play music for people knowing, as I’m looking into their eyes, that I’m probably going to tell them in a few months that I’m not doing this anymore. That’s a difficult way to live. And so, there’s a big sense of relief now that I’ve told everyone."

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Rep. Jim Walsh issues statement on passage of bill threatening parental rights

Rep. Jim Walsh issues statement on passage of bill threatening parental rights

During late-night floor debate, the House passed a bill denying notification to parents of runaway children seeking or receiving “protected health services” when entering a youth-related facility or host home.

Under Senate Bill 5599, children can stay at licensed youth shelters without their parent's knowledge for an indefinite amount of time while seeking medical treatments like gender-transitioning services and medications―including puberty “blockers” that can lead to permanent sterilization.

19th District State Rep. Jim WalshR-Aberdeen, issued the following statement regarding the bill's passage:

“Since the vote on SB 5599, I've been contacted by thousands of concerned Washingtonians about this attack on parents' rights and families. Sponsors and supporters of this bill have overstepped the constitution and case law in promoting this policy, which would allow state bureaucrats to hide minor children from custodial parents and legal guardians. This bill is wrong—legally, ethically and morally.

“Among its many flaws, the bill assumes families that don't 'affirm' a child's short-term desires are being abusive. Wrong! Sometimes love requires parents to not affirm their child's whims. Loving parents guide their children as they grow. Sometimes that means saying 'no.'

“This is not the first policy approved this session that turns the power and machinery of state government against families. Lawmakers promoting these changes put wedges between children and their parents, grandparents and the people who love them.

“During floor debate, we heard the tired old cliche that 'it takes a village to raise a child.' That's false. That notion has resulted in exploding crime rates, homelessness and rising teen suicide rates in Washington. Enough. Parents are the primary stakeholders in their children's upbringing—not the government.”

SB 5599 was approved on a party-line vote of 57-39, 2 excused. The bill now heads to the Senate for a concurrence vote on the amended version of the bill.

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Putting on Christ begins with learning how to be a disciple of Christ. Putting on Christ is growing and developing in the nature of who Christ is. Sadly, discipleship is no longer in the forefront for most churches. The agenda is more about church growth the spiritual growth. Discipleship is exposure and revelation of the person of Christ; of whose image we have been created in. Putting on Christ means to follow Him in discipleship, letting our lives be conformed to the image of Jesus (Romans 8:29 For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters.)
Greater Love Assembly
"Where love lives; providing a safe place for those desiring the true word of God for spiritual growth. . GLA is a place to grow in Purpose, Power and Progression. Through prayer, anointed worship, anointed word, impartation and fellowship we journey to wholeness together. Come Join Us!
For Prayer call 872-263-5571
For worship: Sunday's 11:00am 7235 S Cottage Grove Ave Chicago Il 60619


The Resurrection of Jesus takes a backseat to things that have been inserted into the gospel. Merchandising is the term that comes to mind; (in essence the practice of promoting a brand), The intention of selling merchandise is to make a profit. It seems to me that's whats happening in many circles and pockets of Christianity.
When we veer away from the modus operandi; or simply the bare minimum of how the gospel ought to be taught, presented and learned, there will always be casualties. Our faith is under the non ceasing attack of the enemy; and many are playing right into the hands of the enemy. How? For one; the Resurrection of Jesus is reduced down to one Sunday a year for many and the very people we are assigned to reach buy into this concept because the church is behind it. And if the church is behind it; that means that some of those casualties are in the church.
Our faith should always lean into the facts of the RESURRECTION which is the foundation of our faith; and the RESURRECTION of Jesus keeps our FAITH ALIVE.
The faith of the apostles was strengthened by the Resurrection of Christ, which gave them the strength and inspiration to preach the word of God, and to establish the Church of Christ on earth.
Likewise, Faith in the RESURRECTION sustained us in the times we face trials in our lives. This is the power of RESURRECTION: sustaining and renewing us by the Holy Spirit NOW and ultimately for ETERNITY


ALERT! Bloodline curses are REAL! For those who doubt the possibilities of bloodline family curses; just take a thorough look at your life and members of your family. Sinful habits or beliefs (generally that derive from worshipping idols) that negatively affects our lives and those around us, are known as a generational curses. Behaviors are passed down through the generations of families from those who did not know God. The cure for these sinful deadly habits that lead to generational addictions, divorce, ungodly sexual relations, generational poverty, lack of education, gender issues, many forms of sickness and decease including mental and physiological imbalances. But, God through His Son has given us the mercy, grace, power and authority to BREAK EVERY CURSE. We have to take responsibility to help free the generation that are in front of us. "You (they) shall know the truth and the truth shall make you (them) FREE" Come one come all and receive deliverance for yourself and those you love.
So that we can live a life of: Purpose, Power and Progression


Everything we experience; the good and the bad, the blessed and the cursed, has at the root a DECISION". Decisions determine outcomes. The decisions we make determine our reality. They directly impact how we spend our time and what information we process (or ignore). Our decisions shape our relationships The relationship that is impacted the most due to poor decisions is our relationship with God. What we fail to realize as believers is that; our decision making process is what God is most concerned with.
Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.
Unfortunately we as believers fail to follow the scriptures as often as we should because of the human experience that we know better than that of the spiritual experience. This makes us 'Subjective" in our decision making habits; and it's the thing that God is wanting us to be delivered from. Many scriptures support this concept.
This month of January I'll be ministering from the subject; "Confronting The Subjective Self" and how it works and prevents Healing, Deliverance, Peace, Joy, Faith and Victory.
This series is needed especially for school aged individuals; because the education system is promoting 'Subjectivity" encouraging them to be what they want to be be based on how they feel.
let's pray that God gives them an ear to hear!

Are you living your best life? How would you want to live the life of your dreams for the rest of your life? Everyone dreams of becoming successful or achieving something significant in life.

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I Believe God (feat. Janelle Irving)

Check out books from Christian authors

A Prayer For Today & Someone Along The Way!: A Journal of Prayers, Worship & Praise Songs, and Spirit-filled Declarations(click image to see more)


This book seeks to turn our focus back to the place of man’s separation from God; thus helping to remind us how separation from God can happen so easily. Because we are inundated with so many decisions daily, it is important to measure accurately what God has said as opposed to what we desire for ourselves. Graciously, God provided a way for us to be reconciled to Him if we find ourselves not in His grace…1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Discipleship certificate program. Classes forming now .


Courses Offered:
Deepen your understanding of walking in Christ's footsteps.
Learn how to mentor and guide others in their faith journey.
Master the art of sharing the Gospel effectively.
Engage with diverse communities to spread the word of God.
Develop essential leadership skills grounded in Christian principles.
Equip yourself to lead congregations and faith-based organizations.
Explore the power and depth of prayer.
Enhance your personal prayer life and learn to lead others in communal prayer.
Understand the various facets of Christian worship.
Learn to create meaningful worship experiences.
Specialized Courses:
Biblical Studies:
Biblical Hermeneutics (Interpretation): Delve into the interpretation of biblical texts.
Old Testament Survey: Explore the rich history and teachings of the Old Testament.
New Testament Survey: Examine the life of Jesus and the early church.
Biblical Exegesis: Conduct in-depth studies of specific books of the Bible.
Ministry and Service:
Understanding the Five-Fold Ministry: Gain insights into the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers.
Church Administration and Leadership: Learn effective church management and leadership techniques.
Who Should Register?
Individuals seeking to deepen their theological understanding.
Aspiring church leaders, pastors, and missionaries.
Anyone interested in enhancing their spiritual knowledge and service skills.
How to Register:
[Provide details on the registration process, deadlines, and contact information.
Why Choose Cross Life School of Divinity?
Comprehensive curriculum covering key aspects of Christian ministry.
Experienced instructors with deep theological and practical knowledge.
Opportunities for hands-on ministry experience and spiritual growth
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"            Men’s Am Prayer to          Start Your Day 

Prayer Point: Strength for the Day Scripture: "Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong." - 1 Corinthians 16:13 (NLT) This verse urges men to begin their day with a steadfast commitment to their faith, being vigilant against any challenges they may encounter. By relying on God's strength, they can face the day with courage and resilience. 
Prayer Point: Wisdom and Guidance Scripture: "Trust in the Lord with all your…"
Feb 7
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" In Jesus, we have a blessed hope; He will return. Paul describes Christians as “looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ” (Titus 2:13). How amazing is it that this life is not all that we have? It is easy to be so focused on day-to-day living that we forget that our Savior is coming to gather us to Himself. We will never be separated from Him or His holiness. We will spend eternity together. https://www.facebook.com/hehasgreaterlove"
Jan 30
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"The year ended with God revealing to Apostle Fisher this was the year; and the years ahead, for the church to BE STRONG! Apostle Fisher also heard God say that in order for the church to BE STRONG! that a great emphasis must be aimed toward the family.Our focus for the month February 2024 will be regaining and cultivating strong family values that are in alignment with God's blueprint (The Bible) for the family. Come be our guest as focus on present and future needs of the family unit that…"
Jan 30
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"I, _____________________________, hereby declare my unwavering commitment to achieving spiritual strength, maintaining a strong family bond, nurturing my relationship with my church community, and upholding my commitments throughout the year 2024. I recognize the importance of these aspects in my life and acknowledge that by dedicating myself to them, I can find greater purpose, peace, and fulfillment.
Spiritual Strength: In 2024, I commit to deepening my spiritual connection, seeking inner…"
Jan 1
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Cross Life School of Divinity - Registration Now Open!
Explore Deeply, Serve Passionately: Enrich Your Spiritual Journey

Courses Offered:


Deepen your understanding of walking in Christ's footsteps.
Learn how to mentor and guide others in their faith journey.

Master the art of sharing the Gospel effectively.
Engage with diverse communities to spread the word of God.…"
Dec 23, 2023
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Tim Farron MP took part in the Christmas debate in Parliament's Westminster Hall on "Christmas, Christianity and communities". This is his speech:
This year I've had the joy of visiting local Christmas markets, Christmas tree festivals, carol services and nativity plays. At my church in Kendal, and across the country, our Christmas celebrations reach many more people than those who normally attend our services.
Christmas is a shared acknowledgement of the importance of a time of rest and for…"
Dec 21, 2023
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At Cross Life School of Divinity, a world of Christian learning is just a click away."
Online registration is now open. Classes begin January 29th, 2024."
Dive into courses ranging from Christian Ethics to Pastoral Care and Worship Studies."
Join our vibrant online community, embracing Christian knowledge and fellowship."
Equip yourself for impactful Christian living and serving, guided by faith and knowledge."
Cross Life School of Divinity is where your faith meets purpose. Register today…"
Dec 15, 2023
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"Prophesying to Christians who have not been properly discipled can potentially carry some risks and challenges. It's important to approach this subject with sensitivity and wisdom, as it involves matters of faith and spirituality. Here are some considerations:

Misinterpretation: Christians who have not been discipled may not have a strong understanding of biblical principles, discernment, or the nature of prophetic messages. They may misinterpret or misapply prophetic words, leading to…"
Dec 9, 2023
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"It is a philosophical inquiry into the magnanimity of God’s love and the essence of mankind's creation. The author’s ability to capture the historical trend of God's love and the existence of goodness even before the creation of man left me enlightened as a reader. Each chapter carefully and concisely brought me into the knowledge of God’s sovereign, unmerited, and magnanimous love, while allowing for a great level of introspection and enlightenment. I am encouraged and bewildered at how God…"
Dec 4, 2023
Apostle Bobbie Jones Grayer posted an event

Apr 5, 2024 at 7:00pm to Apr 7, 2024 at 3:00pm

Chicago IL

Nov 24, 2023
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Thousands of people are reportedly lining up to have a portion of their skull removed and one of Elon Musk's brain chips implanted
By Grace Kay,

4 days ago
Bloomberg reported that thousands of people had expressed interest in participating in the FDA trial for Neuralink.

Thousands of people are interested in becoming Neuralink patients, a Bloomberg report says.
Elon Musk's startup received FDA approval earlier this year to start human trials.
The brain-chip startup hopes to implant a…
Nov 15, 2023
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