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Kimberley KJ Johnson posted a status
Jul 22, 2021
My breath, my life, my heartbeat is YOU. The essence of all that I am has your signature, your imprint. How could I doubt? How could I question? How could I wonder? Because I am flawed. I was birthed into a marred, tainted and frail shell. The freeing revelation is this - it's a shell. An outer covering that was meant to be shed, to be stripped and replaced. No! not replaced. I (we) weren't CREATED to be covered. Open, free, unencumbered was how I (we) were created...YOUR breath, YOUR life. YOUR heart was meant to be seen by others through me. Vulnerability in this world tends to lead to hurt which in turn causes us to cover up, to protect or hide. We were never meant to protect ourselves. YOU are our Protector, our Comfort, our Strength. You ARE what I (we) NEED...In YOU alone I am complete. ❤

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