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  • Good monday and Greetings to the RFC faithful!!! I pray you have a wonderful and amazing day today, let his light and love shine in all that your do or Say... Much love to you one and all.. Thank you Lord for the Blesssings of the Holy Ghost and reedemption yesterday!!!

  • I will share everything on Facebook that I see that has to do with FRC Club

  • Good morning to the body of Christ

  • Greetings one and all! Facebook had been being a pain lately so our boosting is NON-Existant. We need you! Every Member of Revival For Christ Club to Help us Evangelize! We need you to Post, Share, and Tag every Livestream and Monday night program, only with your help will we be able to reach more souls and hearts for Jesus. If you believe in what we preach and Stand for then support us with Posting and Sharing As much as possible..:) Thank you And God Bless you

  • Good Morning everyone!!!! 

  • Much thanks and gratitude to Chief Apostle Timothy Vanover and Apostle Jenni Vanover and the entire Revival For Christ Club Church for they're awesome display of unity, love and friendship. Also a shout-out to Frank and Tasha Willis and the media team for all that they do. The Cross Crusade Revival efforts have been enhanced by the Holy Spirit leading Chief Apostle Timothy with a powerful word. Thank you all once again and this is just the beginning God bless you all. Larry and Patricia Fisher- Christ Family Life Center Church

  • Good morning wonderful people of God

  • Good morning!! 

  • It was an amazing experience!!! Thank Chief Apostle for your obedience from the very beginning and for carrying the Vision forward... So excited that others are now experiencing what we experience daily.. Truly thankful for this Ministry and its Leadership..

  • Thanks for the opportunity it was wonderful word

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