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  • Hello Club members remember to share, share, share,,, we need your help!!!

  • Will do Sir

  • I am not surprised Facebook is doing that. I saw it coming when they started suspending me and others, even reaching back a year or more to find something. Not to mention, Facebook is getting involved in religion, which gives them power to dictate what can and can't be preached or taught on their platform.

  • Yes Sir will do!!! 

  • Remember we need you all to post and repost all the RFC stuff on Facebook because we can no longer boost there so please help us evangelize..:)


  • Glad to have a place that G-d can be shared with out be shut down

  • Thank you Sir and back to you as well. 

  • Good monday and Greetings to the RFC faithful!!! I pray you have a wonderful and amazing day today, let his light and love shine in all that your do or Say... Much love to you one and all.. Thank you Lord for the Blesssings of the Holy Ghost and reedemption yesterday!!!

  • I will share everything on Facebook that I see that has to do with FRC Club

  • Good morning to the body of Christ

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